ANYWAY Feature on Sydney, Australia Base Blogger Hannah Rose Yee

I stumbled into this shop on the first day they were open after Chinese New Year, which was lucky because it was probably one of the most interesting stores in the area. It’s tiny, like all Hong Kong boutiques, with just one rack that extends to the back of the long store. Their philosophy is up and coming British and American designers, and I was excited to see labels like Eudon Choi, Vena Cava and Velvet. They had some beautiful cashmere sweaters on sale for a steal, and the lovely sales assistants explained the history of the store to me as well as picking out some things that they thought I would like. One of the sales assistants, Amus, was one half of Hong Kong fashion and jewellery label Anyway, and she modeled one of her cute leather rings for me. She told me that you can purchase kits to make the rings yourself, and check out their blog here. I really loved this store, even though it wasn’t my style. It was such a breath of fresh air and filled with people who were devoted to fashion.


Thanks Hannah~!! Was really nice to meet and talk to you~!!